ORS environmental pledge: we aim to reduce the impact of all our work and operations on the environment, while ensuring maximum effect for clients.

The ORS environmental pledge is at the heart of our business, everything we do is monitored with its effect on the earth. Our experience and knowledge in the spray painting industry allows us to offer safe, cost-effective alternatives to more harsher traditional methods.

Refurbishment vs. replacement

We believe in refurbishment not replacement. Gone are the days when the only option was total replacement. Wherever possible, we work with clients to find a way to repair. For example, a new panel is needed for a wall on a new-build retail park after being damaged by other trades.

Composite cladding replacement equation:

Source raw material for panel > manufacture new panel > package and ship new panel > remove existing panels above effected panel > install new panel using powered equipment = high impact on environment and carbon footprint.

Refurbishment equation:

ORS team of two architectural spray painters in a van = low impact on environment, all unused materials recycled and carbon footprint offset.

This simple equation shows financially and environmentally that refurbishment should be the preferred action.

We’re green on site and off

We’re big on recycling, keep a close eye on all our waste and record everything that comes in and out of our doors. To show our commitment we’re a member of Wastecare, so all our solutions, tins and other hazardous waste is collected and recycled. There is no danger of pollution from what we do and you’ll never see a paint tin we’ve used in a skip.

During the summer of 2011 ORS replaced all our site vehicles with Volkswagen blue motion vans, the most fuel efficient and low emission commercial vehicles available. We strive at all times to work efficiently to save costs for our clients and ourselves.

Please contact us if you would like to read our Environmental Aspects and Impacts Statement.

Our environmental pledge isn’t an industry standard, it’s ORS standard.