ORS scale new heights

Our ORS teams using the tallest MEWP in its class on a 16 floor residential refurbishment.

Residential towers refurbishment, Salford.

We received a request to complete some refurbishment works to 2 residential towers in the heart of Salford, the only problem being they’re a few weeks from hand over and they need to start taking the scaffolding elevators down as soon as possible to wrap things up. The solution was to use a JLG Ultra Boom 1350SJP, the tallest MEWP in it’s class; with 16 floors to each tower we had to make full use of it’s 43m reach. a scary but exciting opportunity to use one of these incredible machines.

ORS reach new heights  ORS reach new heights

The works to complete included the refurbishment and respray of all the balcony steel work to the two towers, unfortunately they had been left outside without protection for some months following manufacture, and had developed some surface rust where water had been left to stand, upon installation it became obvious to the client that this would need to be repaired so the ORS team were asked to make it good.

The main issues with this job relate to the weather at this time of year as we’re spraying externally, coupled with a unique issue of wind speed and safe working parameters for such a tall machine.  Thankfully the weather stayed on our side to allow us to complete the work on time and on budget…

... It’s a relief we don’t have a fear of heights.

Christopher Jones.

ORS reach new heights  ORS reach new heights

Posted on November 13, 2013