Situated on the A405 north orbital road close to Watford, the owners of this multi-use building wanted to refurbish and modernise its appearance.

Tasked with a full colour change and damage to the roof, cladding and curtain walling, ORS were invited to help right from the decision process to determine its design for the best result, this including painting sections of the building in different colours as a trial - and we think the finished results speak for themselves.

ORS were hired as the primary contractors for the first time, and brought about new challenges which included setting up site offices, welfare and minimising disruption to regular trading for the tenants. To accomplish this we held regular meetings with the tenants so ensure compliance and completed works to the front elevations during the night for example, which alleviated the need to disrupt the flow on this busy leisure park.

ORS arranged a plan which included a full respray of the roof. including repairs to sections with severe peeling of the original coating and a full colour change from the faded blue to the modern dark grey on both the internals and externals of the building.

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