From poor powder coating/pre-treatment to post installation surface damage on site, ORS can help.

Curtain walling repair

Curtain walling is a modern and attractive choice of building envelope that is used more and more in current construction projects. Due to its nature, damage to the powder coated aluminium substrate is very common. This can be done during installation, other trades resting tools etc. on ledges, and just general scratches and dents.

Clients and main contractors will not accept any form of damage on such key areas, which is where ORS come in. The substrate is expertly prepared, filled and sprayed leaving an immaculate finish, either internally or externally. Accurate masking ensures no danger of overspray on gaskets etc. ensuring that the damaged area is invisible following our works.

Curtain walling re-spray

Replacing curtain walling that is performing as it should, but is no longer aesthetically pleasing either due to chalking/fading powder coating, or a dated colour scheme is an extremely costly exercise.

Complete re-spray in new, modern metallics or greys is a fantastic and cost effective way to refresh the look of a building, at a fraction of the cost of replacement with up to a ten year warranty.

In addition to curtain walling re-spray…

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